Disorder Reporter dis


This app provides a simple procedure for notifying the parties responsible for dealing with disorder in your community.

Use the app to take a photo of something that needs attention.  The app will use the GPS capability in your phone to record the location of the problem, and will send that information along with the photo to the DisorderReporter.com web site.

When your photo is received it will be reviewed by an analyst, who then forwards the picture, geolocation (i.e. latitude and longitude) and comments to the appropriate authority. The authority can use the information to decide how to deal with the issue.

Some examples are:

The objective is to empower citizens by making it easy to report things that aren't right. Instead of thinking "somebody should do something about that", people can take action to ensure that “somebody” will be made aware of the issue. The photo analysts are familiar with their local area and know who to contact for most types of disorder.

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