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Questions and Answers

Q. What information does this app send?
A. In addition to the photo, the latitude, longitude, time photo was taken, your reason for submitting it, and your device's installation ID are sent.

Q. Why does the app send my installation ID?
A. Your app installation ID enables messages about your submission to be sent back to you.

Q. How long does it take for my photo to be forwarded?
A. Photos are reviewed and forwarded on a daily basis. However, it may take several days or weeks for the responsible party to take corrective action.

Q. Who reviews the photos?
A. In the greater Edmonton region, volunteers from Neighbourhood Watch and Citizens Patrol review the photos. Whenever possible, submissions are assigned to people who live near the area the photo was taken. When volunteers are not available, paid employees may be used.

Q. What are Neighbourhood Watch Alerts?
A. Neighbourhood Watch occasionally sends information about crime related topics. They will show up in your Messages list if you opt to receive them.

Q. What are Submission Status Messages?

A. You will receive notification of each step as your submission is processed. Notices will appear in your Messages list.

Q. What does Copies Of Emails To Authorities mean?
A. You will receive copies of the emails that are sent to authorities regarding your submissions. You must also enter your email address if you select this option.

Q. How can I force the keyboard to pop up on my Android device?
A. Do a long click inside the text field, and wait until the Edit text menu appears. Then press the Back button, and the keyboard will pop up the next time you click inside the text field.