Disorder Reporter dis

  How It Works


DO NOT use this app to report crimes in progress or emergency situations

call 911 instead

  1. Start up the app and click the top button to take a photo (ensure the problem is identifiable in the photo).
  1. When you save a photo, the date, time and position information (latitude and longitude) is automatically recorded by the app.
  2. This information, along with your reason for submitting the photo, is sent via the internet to a photo analyst.
  1. A confirmation that your photo was received will be displayed after the photo has finished uploading.
  2. A photo analyst reviews your photo and your submission comments.
  3. If the analyst is able to identify the party responsible for correcting the issue, then they will forward the photo and information to them.
  4. If the photo relates to a bylaw infraction or crime, then a copy will also be sent to the police.
  5. If you opt to receive "Copies Of Emails To Authorities" in the Settings screen, then a copy of the email sent by the analyst will also be sent to you.
  6. If you opt to receive "Submission Status Messages" in the Settings screen, then a notice will be sent to the Messages screen when the analyst has completed their review.


By using this app you agree that photos and information you submit may be used by authorities as they see fit