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About Photo Analysts

A key part of the Disorder Reporter system is the photo analyst who volunteers their time to review the pictures that are submitted.  If you are located in the Edmonton, Alberta area then we welcome your help to process the photos.

What are the requirements to be a photo analyst volunteer?

1. Analysts must have basic typing skills and be comfortable using the browser.

2. They must be willing to review photos when they are submitted, within 24 hours.

3. All applicants must pass a police security clearance.

How much time does the analyst position require?

1. Training on the system takes a couple of hours, then about 10 minutes per submitted      photo.

2. The time commitment depends on the number of photos that the system receives, and      the fraction of those that are located within the analyst’s neighbourhood or assigned      area.  

3. Analysts are able to control their availability status and stop or resume receiving     submissions at any time.

How does the process work?

1. Each analyst is assigned a geographical area of responsibility, which is usually the     neighbourhood where they live.

2. When users submit photos, the system identifies the analyst responsible for that area and     puts the photo into their work queue.

3. The system sends an alert to the analyst advising them that a new photo is in their queue,     and that they must process the photo within 24 hours.

4. The analyst logs onto the Disorder Reporter web site from their computer (photo analysis     cannot be done on tiny phone screens) and reviews the photos in their “Outstanding     Submissions” list.

5. When reviewing a photo the submitted information appears on the screen such as:

6. The analyst checks if the correct disorder category was selected, determines what      municipality the issue is located in, then may add comments of their own to clarify the      submission.

7. The analyst checks to see if a similar submission has already been received, and marks      it as a duplicate if necessary.

8. The analyst forwards the photo to the party responsible for dealing with the problem.

If you are interested in becoming a photo analyst or have questions, contact us at support@disorderreporter.com.